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The dynamics of human movement through space is a constant narrative through my work and process. As I work, there’s often a push and pull, an up and then letting go, a play with gravity. The physicality of our bodies translates onto the surface as rhythmic marks and at other times, as floating thoughts. The actions remaining on the surface become reminiscent of not only our obvious movements as humans, but of our more subtle ones as well. 

The more I feel like I can breathe, the closer I am to completion. If I look at a work and it starts to feel contained, I get agitated – as if it’s alive and needs air. I suspect the compulsive nature of the movement is partly related to the need to stay alive, to be human.  The finished work becomes a picture of my relationship with the surface, a visual memory of what happened between us.

The more I feel like I can breathe,
the closer I am to completion.

A Chicago native, Natalie holds a studio art degree and is a graduate of Yale University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Shasta College. She is the recipient of the Barbara Jane Carr Scholarship for excellence in the visual arts and her works have been awarded in juried shows in 2016 and 2017. Natalie is pleased to be part of the artistic community in Austin, TX. You may follow her behind the scenes on Instagram at @natalieshawart.


2019 Skins and Beginnings (Solo Exhibit), ICOSA Gallery, Austin TX | Opens August 5th

2019 WEST Austin Studio Tour Juried Exhibition, Ao5 Gallery, Austin TX

2019 Dialogic, Cement Loop Gallery, Austin TX

2018 Open 30 Juried Exhibit, Martha Fenstermaker Gallery, Laredo TX

2018 In The Beginning (Solo Exhibit), Joy Organics, Austin TX

2018 Not Without A Name (Solo Exhibit), Theory Collaborative, Redding CA

2018 Annual Show, Liberty Arts Contemporary Gallery, Yreka CA

2017 Art in the City (Solo Exhibit), Redding City Hall, Redding CA

2017 Forgeries, Carter House Gallery, Redding CA

2017 Works of Honorable Mention, Chico Art Center Online Gallery, Chico CA

2017 Go Home, Carter House Gallery, Redding CA

2017 Air & Other Spaces (Solo Exhibit), The Stirring, Redding CA

2017 Old Alturas Home Staging Event, Redding CA

2017 Shasta Lake Showcase, Heritage Art Center, Shasta City CA

2017 Home, Siskiyou Arts Museum, Dunsmuir CA

2016 Impressions, Liberty Arts Contemporary Gallery, Yreka CA

2016 Shasta College Year End Show, Shasta College Gallery, Redding CA | Award Winner

2016 Above Ground (Solo Exhibit), Shasta College Library Gallery, Redding CA

2016 Jamieson Ct Home Staging Event, Redding CA

2016 Shasta College Art Show, O Street Gallery, Redding CA

2016 Andrew Patterson-Tutschka Online Exhibit